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Guayabo Waterfall, located on La Mesura National Park

River ToaRio Toa

The Guayabo Waterfall is located amid the La Mesura National Park, where they have registered 293 species of the flora, of them 67 endemic and around 90 of the fauna.

Although they are two jumps, it is almost always spoken in singular, mainly to refer to the highest second in Cuba that is the one that has 240 m of height, because the other one stops to exist in times of drought. The Guayabo river is the dorsal thorn of an environment that travels 576,7 hectares.

The point of observation of the Guayabo Waterfall is at 480m on the level of the sea, from there you can be you see the whole landscape and to take a trip of 1200 m through the rocky channel of the river of the same name.

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