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Canyoning in Sierra Maestra

Canyoning in Sierra Maestra

Canyoning, modality of sport adventure outdoors, has in the Sierra Maestra a strong potecial as for diversity of places for its practice, numerous rivers and sheer mountains give place to dissimilar canyons and fallen almost vertical ideals for its activity.

After making a journey in appropriate transports for the area they are carried out walks for ecological paths that take to the jumps of water of the rivers Cilantro, The Yaguas, Pumpkins (Calabazas), Salton among others. The different grades of difficulty of their canyons allow to previous callow visitors, only needs to know how to cross to I swim and to receive a brief initiation before the trip, always debit side to participate with the company of an experienced guide.

As complement while canyoning practices will be able to enjoy besides the exuberant vegetation and unique flora and fauna propitiated by the microclimate of the region.

Canyoning in Salton Waterfall

The Saton river one is ideal for practices it of the canyoning, basically without a high level of difficulty and without extra positions anyone that arrives until here could make the itinerary that the river proposes until culminating in an impressive cascade whose chopped it is of about 30 meters high to three natural pools that gather its waters.

To the feet of the cascade welcomes to those who choose a stay in the middle of contact with the nature Hotel Horizontes Villa El Salton one surrounded of an exuberant vegetation.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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