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Biosphere, Fauna and Flora in Cuba Naturaleza
Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

Fishes in Cuba Naturaleza

The Cuban fauna includes 57 species of fresh water fishes, 22 of them are endemic to Cuba. Most of these fish possess a wide tolerance to the changes of temperature, salinity and composition of the water, that allows them live in fresh and salt water. The smallest are the calls Guajacones.

The Cuban Gar (Atractosteus tristoechus) is a true treasure of Cuba, considered one of the most primitive skeletal fish, first vertebrates of the planet and possibly the biological joining between the fish and the mammals.

In the rivers and lagoons of Cuba there are very beautiful fish, as the Cuban killifish (Cubanichthys cubensis) that are distinguished for their colors and the charm of their movements. Among the fish of more size stands out the Biajaca (Nandopsis Tetracanthus) endemic species of Cuba, which is present in rivers and streams of quick course, outlets and bays.

At the moment some of these species are threatened by the contamination and the introduction of strange fish, what has made decline their populations, in such a way that in some towns where in the past they were abundant some Cuban species, nowadays no longer exist.

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Cuban Gar (Atractosteus tristoechus)

Cuban Gar

The Cuban Gar is a huge and rare Gar species endemic to Cuba, is found in the rivers and lakes of the Western Cuba and Isla de la Juventud... more info.

Cuban killifish (Cubanichthys cubensis)

Cuban killifish

The Cuban killifish is an endemic species of Cuba. It is possible to locate mainly in the western region of Cuba... more info.

Biajaca (Nandopsis Tetracanthus)


Biajaca (Nandopsis Tetracanthus) endemic species of Cuba, is present in rivers and streams of quick course, outlets and bays to all the long of the national territory of Cuba including the bordering keys... more info.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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