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Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

Pan de Guajaibon, Sierra Rosario, Pinar del Rio

Pan de Guajaibon

The Pan de Guajaibon has a height 699 meters on the level of the sea, being the culminating point of the Rosario's Sierra and of the group of Guaniguanico to which belongs such a mountain. It presents two summits, being the Westerner the highest.

The Palm Petate belongs to the species Coccothrinax crinita Becc, you can locate next to the streams and the skirts this and north of the Pan de Guajaibon, Its height is from 8 to 10 meters and a trunk 20 centimeters of diameter, with an extraordinarily hard wood for a palm.

In the region they are frequent the forests semideciduos, as well as diverse bushes associations and herbaceous with 34% endemics. The fauna is characterized by its abundance, diversity and scientific importance of some species. They have been reported more than 50 species of birds, among them tocororos, cartacubas, nightingales and birds carpenters.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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