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Biosphere, Fauna and Flora in Cuba Naturaleza
Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

Biosphere and Landscapes in Cuba Naturaleza

Cuba is the most important territory for biodiversity conservation in the West Indies, according to conservation organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Two percent of the world flora is located in Cuba; if compared to the other Caribbean islands, Cuba has the highest number of plants and animals as well as the highest endemism degrees.

Cuba ranks first among insular ecosystems when regarding endemic plants, eleventh at world level concerning endemic reptiles, and twenty-second at world level with regard to higher reptiles.

You can discover Cuba in your own way with the help of the Lonely Planet Guide Book. Rich in biodiversity, you will discover the vast and vibrant world of birds, all found in the Birds of Cuba, considered the best and most reliable book in its field. However, for the adrenaline junky, climbing in Cuba could give you a holiday of real excitement! Thanks to the copious amounts of locations and routes, all listed in the Cuba Climbing Guide Book.

National Parks in Cuba

Alejandro de Humboldt National Park located in the counties of Holguín and Guantánamo is the most important protected area in Cuba as far as biodiversity is concerned ... The National Park Viñales is located in the western half of the Guaniguanico Mountain range in the Pinar del Rio province, it occupies an area of 21 600 hectares ... Turquino National Park is located in the center west region of the Sierra Maestra and it occupies territories belonging to the municipalities of Guamá, in Santiago de Cuba province ... more national parks in cuba naturaleza.

Mountains in Cuba

The Turquino Royal Peak on Sierra Maestra is the highest elevation of Cuba, with about 1,974 meters on the level of the sea ... El Yunque of Baracoa is a smoothed tableland situated between the banks of the rivers Duaba and Toa, it is part of the Cuchillas del Toa Biosphere Preserve ... The Pan de Guajaibon has a height 699 meters on the level of the sea, being the culminating point of the Sierra del Rosario ... more mountains in cuba naturaleza.

Lakes in Cuba

The Zaza Reservoir is the largest man-made reservoir in Cuba. It is located in the Sancti Spíritus Province in central Cuba ... Lake la Redonda is located in of Ciego de Ávila province, in address to Cayo Coco. La Redonda has 4,5 surface km² and an extensive net of natural channels ... Laguna de Leche also named Laguna Grande de Morón is the largest natural fresh water lake in Cuba. It is located in the wetland of northern Ciego de Ávila Province ...more lakes in cuba naturaleza.

Wetlands in Cuba

Ciénaga de Zapata is the largest and best preserved wetlands in the Caribbean Islands, with the largest area of swamps and tidal pools in Cuba and large areas of forest ... The Cauto Delta Wetland is formed by a complex of estuaries, lagoons, tidal areas and swamps that are at the end of the largest river system in Cuba (The Cauto) ... The Lanier Wetland is located on the southern part of Isla de la Juventud. It is made up of the Ciénaga de Lanier, which crosses the centre of the island in a west–east–northeast direction. It runs from the bay of Siguanea to the eastern ... more wetlands in cuba naturaleza.

Rivers in Cuba

Cuba has over 200 rivers as well as small streams or arroyos that are dry in summer. The river of more longitude is the Cauto one and the mightiest the Toa, both they are in the east ... more rivers in cuba naturaleza.

Waterfalls in Cuba

The Guayabo Waterfall is located amid the La Mesura National Park, where they have registered 293 species of the flora, of them 67 endemic and around 90 of the fauna ... The Caburní Waterfall is a distinctive symbol in the Escambray mountain. The waterfalls from a height 60 meters to an equally fed puddle for diverse springs that unite its coolness ... Salto Fino waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Caribbean, located in Cuba's north-eastern municipality of Guantanamo, is produced by a sudden drop in the Arroyo del Infierno (Hell's stream) ... more waterfalls in cuba naturaleza.

Cuba Naturaleza Biodiversity

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